Our guide said this area of forest caught fire one summer, and the park rangers let it run its course. What remains is a graveyard of tall thin pale tree trunks with no foliage.

Beneath all this a new generation of trees grow.


Banff at night

The last time I did any night photography was with a film camera, far too many years ago.

My first attempts with a digital camera resulted in black photos and numb hands. The second time resulted in exclamations of ‘woah’ as the little camera screen revealed these ethereal photos. What amazes me more is that the first night’s photos match what my eyes actually saw – darkness!

Thanks go to Marcus who dragged me out into the freezing night just as my jetlag was starting to drag me to bed. Check out his Banff sunset photo.


The Traffic

Paris is a great city, there’s no doubt about that. One I’d like to explore further. But it has an almost overwhelming amount of traffic.

I live in London, I’m used to traffic. Unless you live on the Northern Circular, or one of the other main arteries, it always seems distant, like a cat purring by your feet. In Paris it seems everywhere, at all times, scratching at your heels until you move. The Eiffel Tower? Giant roundabout! Arc de Triomphe? Monstrous ten lane roundabout from hell!

Make sure you don’t dawdle when crossing the road.


Champ de Mars

Push past the Eiffel Tower and you get to these wonderful avenues where you feel less like you’re being hassled by tourist scammers, and where everything is much more relaxed. I would love to see this when the Autumn leaves are fully in action and not swept in a pile.