Champ de Mars

Push past the Eiffel Tower and you get to these wonderful avenues where you feel less like you’re being hassled by tourist scammers, and where everything is much more relaxed. I would love to see this when the Autumn leaves are fully in action and not swept in a pile.


French dome with giant metal tower structure

Yeah, so the thing about Paris is that it’s pretty hard to avoid the Eiffel Tower. I mean, it’s there. It’s always there. It’s bigger than you think, and then you get close and it suddenly becomes short and fat.

Really it’s everything you thought it would be and you continue taking your pictures in full realisation that there is nothing you can show that hasn’t already been shown before. In the year 3246, when civilisation has fallen, and aliens finally make it to our planet, they will be able to recreate the Eiffel Tower using all the millions of photos of it, taken from every possible angle, and in every possible weather condition. It will look superb. Maybe they will give it a more exciting colour.

So anyway, I went to Paris and here’s my proof.


Gamla Bicycle

Gamla Stan in Stockholm is one of those places that outwardly you want to avoid, but secretly you thrill at the little side streets and cobble stones. Then you get stuck in a crowd of (other) tourists walking at such a slow speed you wonder how they can remain upright, grimace, and try and loom behind them until they get out of the way.

Every now and then, between the shops selling traditionally woven tartan, you catch a glimpse of a quieter part and wonder if this is what life would have been like in The Old Days. Minus the hipster bikes.


Roue de Paris

Paris in December is much like London in December, only colder and greyer. This was my thought as I stumbled around the roads (I’d say streets, but it just seemed like one giant car-filled road), partially frozen because I’d absolutely mis-judged the weather.

What follows will be a black and white montage. I didn’t have to use any software to make the images black and white, it was really just that grey. Saying that, because I like to contradict myself, this is the Roue de Paris, which had some colour.

I’m off to buy gloves.