Roue de Paris

Paris in December is much like London in December, only colder and greyer. This was my thought as I stumbled around the roads (I’d say streets, but it just seemed like one giant car-filled road), partially frozen because I’d absolutely mis-judged the weather.

What follows will be a black and white montage. I didn’t have to use any software to make the images black and white, it was really just that grey. Saying that, because I like to contradict myself, this is the Roue de Paris, which had some colour.

I’m off to buy gloves.


Autumn Glow


The Primrose Hill Christmas fair had the usual assortment of food stalls, music, and weirdly small dogs. The sun was low against the hill, and I was trying to get these two in silhouette, but the woman turned and caught me mid-snap. Luckily this turned out to be a lot better than what I had intended.

My apologies to this woman for clicking when you had a mouthful of food, but the sunlight was hard to resist.



Insects are generally weird and creepy, and just because this has a pretty pattern doesn’t make it any less weird and creepy. It also looks like something has been nibbling on it. Be reassured it wasn’t me.


Sunlit Tree

There’s that moment in an Autumn day when the sun is low but intensely bright. For a brief few minutes it lights everything with a lovely orange glow and as you stumble headlong towards it you are reminded, a little, of summer. Then it drops behind the tree line, all the saturation disappears, and you realise that it’s nearly winter and you’d better get home before it’s dark as the canal is a bit creepy then.

I spent far too long taking pictures of this tree so it did become dark, and the canal is creepy. In the background are people playing football. They didn’t seem to care about the sun, the canal, or this tree. A few of them may have wondered about the odd guy lurking behind a tree with a camera, however.