Blue Reeds

Sunny autumn days are amongst my favourite. They’ve not yet reached the stage where you can include the word ‘crisp’, but it’s getting there. Sunny crisp autumn days are the best.

These reeds are both soft and spiky, and almost dream-like. If I were to dream of reeds then these are the kind I’d have.

Undoubtedly I’ll find out that they aren’t reeds at all, and then I’ll have to remove them from my dreams.


Summer’s last meadow

As another rainy day ends I thought I’d post a farewell to summer before it completely fades from memory. From here on in it will be pictures of dark clouds and fallen leaves.

This intensely packed meadow at Roundhay Park is about as summery as it gets. If you could smell things through your computer it would probably smell really good. Go on, give it a try – you never know.

So long summer.