Golden Afternoon

And another year is drawing to a close. It’s currently very gloomy, but only a few days ago it was looking as lovely as this.

golden afternoon.jpg

114 thoughts on “Golden Afternoon

  1. This park has undoubtedly been tread through by many generations of tranquility seekers. Could be that each generation has its own purpose for walking in such a special setting. Be it whatever, one can never fail to come out of the park with their thinking quite the same as upon entry.

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  2. Just discovering your site. I *love* this shot. Some wonderful pictures here. I don’t know London yet and now I just can’t wait to go there ^^ !

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  3. Great picture, love the benches and tree line and the 4 people on the left look like they’re in line too. it looks like the leaves are a canopy between both rows of trees!

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  4. I always am fascinated with scenes as lovely as this. Your photo is a perfect time to reflect and be with somebody that shares the same thought as yours. How I wish we have this pleasant park in my place. It would have been a real lovely time, indeed!


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