Although not a native Londoner I’ve been living in London long enough that it is now my home. This site is a personal perspective on the things I experience in London on a day-to-day basis. This includes finding the best food, the most interesting street life, and detailing any of the grand spectacles that I encounter. Or not.

I’m originally from Sheffield, and have lived in the Czech Republic for a year, China for two years, and had a briefer sojourn in Norway. I’ve also travelled extensively across North America.

I have been endlessly trying to learn Chinese, love sandwiches, and frequently geek out.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. The photos you have shared on this site are a delight, not least as I am local to Regent’s Park and see so many of these same places on a daily basis myself. Could I ask what camera equipment you typically use?


  2. Hi John – I just viewed your (wonderful) Golden Afternoon on Discover which has led me to view a bunch of your fine photos. I feel we have something in common since I consider myself a photo-scavenger – although not able to travel about as yourself. I recently thought that age 60 I should start a simple photography blog – presenting a good random photo every few days with a nice caption.
    I refrain from get too “wordy” – letting the image speak for itself. I invite comments but not concerned about likes. I am going to follow you although you already have tons of fans – look forward to your posts!


  3. Thanks John and thanks for the “follow” I live in Surrey, British Columbia (near Vancouver) so most of my photos are from BC or Washington area. But there’s certainly much beauty to record here.


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