Author: John

International super-spy, general meanderer, and sometime sprout collector. Also found working at Automattic

Covid Memorial Wall

There are over 150,000 hand-painted hearts on a wall opposite parliament, representing the people who have died. Many have personal messages from friends and families. It stretches so far you can’t see the end.

Tree Hug

This tree hug was found in Regent’s Park. Apparently it’s yarnbombing, and this particular one was done by hikmetey, a Turkish yarnbomber. It’s cleverly attached with fishing line. The last time I came across something like this was in Iceland,┬ábut I just assumed the tree’s … Continue reading Tree Hug

Yellow Dragon

This was taken a while ago but I particularly liked this yellow dragon dancing through the streets of London. Afterwards I watched another dragon attack a cabbage as it dangled from a shop door while onlookers pretended not to notice. You see something new everyday.