Green colander scribble

I struggled a bit for a title here. The pillars are surrounded in what appears to be bright green colanders, and it looks like a child has scribbled over the wall in crayon.

Still, at least I got to use colander as a tag.

10 thoughts on “Green colander scribble

    1. Aha, someone else as interested in colanders as myself! That area is such a great place for photos – every time I go there is something new.


      1. yes, its one of the reasons I love wandering around down there. I used to work just off Millbank and would often wander down the south bank at lunchtime just to find something new to look at! Do you remember the elephants?


      2. I don’t, and looking on the webs I think it happened when I was away from London.

        South Bank Elephant

        Shame, as I like them more than the cows that seem to be scattered everywhere!


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