Autumn Walk

Hold on to your hats, it’s another Autumn picture in Regent’s Park!

That means more greens, browns, and yellows, on a muddy day. It’s been so wet recently that even the trees are green.


8 thoughts on “Autumn Walk

    1. Thanks Nancy! I’ve been here for quite a while now and feel lucky to live near enough to Regent’s Park that I can call it local, yet I’ve only been to Hyde Park a handful of times – I must visit it more!


      1. I was living in Oxford Gardens/Ladbroke Grove for a year.

        Awwww….aren’t you a sweetheart!
        I’m pretty sure running just one half marathon doesn’t qualify me for the London Marathon 🙂 But someday i will…for sure!


  1. This is a beautiful photo; thank you for sharing! It’s been snowing the past few days where I live, so this picture is making me extremely nostalgic for fall weather. I love it!


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