Rocky Road

Sometimes you need to be really careful how you drive as you might just hit a rock in the road.

Somewhere in Södermalm, Stockholm.


6 thoughts on “Rocky Road

  1. I always look forward to your posts. I actually sort of feel like I’m living vicariously through your pictures as I sit here on my computer out on the Minnesota prairie, U.S.A. I particularly love this one; It makes me want start off on a grand European adventure. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Britta!

      The prairie sounds like a wonderful place for adventure. But all I have to go on is Little House on the Prairie and I suspect things have changed a bit since then 🙂


      1. The prairie is still beautiful. I guess wasn’t around back when the Ingalls’ were here, but I can tell you that if you find the right spots it can be quite enchanting. The winter cold makes it much harder to appreciate, but I will for sure miss it when I move on.


  2. So, the top of the page references a life in London, (as in England) but the picture says Stockholm, which is in Sweden. So now I am a bit confused, is this in London? or Sweden? -sorry, I am a bit under-traveled it would seem.


    1. There’s a little * there that used to link to ‘* and other places’, but I guess it’s not shown in this theme – never noticed until now. It is Sweden, I was just on a holiday there.


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