Holme’s Lily

The fancy looking house and grounds just seen in Hazy Lake is owned by an Saudi Arabian prince and is called The Holme (incidentally not far from 221b Baker Street, home of Sherlock Holmes, but probably unrelated).

From what I’ve read on the internet (the one true source of information) he stays there for about a week each year. At other times they have an ‘open day’ and you are allowed to wander around the grounds in a stupor of amazement. This little lily was tucked away in a pond somewhere therein.

You are absolutely not allowed to take pictures of the house, with the scary neckless bodyguards prowling its perimeter.

I did try, mind, but the adrenaline rush of doing any kind of misdemeanour, even one so stupidly small, caused me to photograph the lawn and a bit of chair.

Then I went to the exact opposite spot from the Hazy Lake picture and thought of all those ordinary types that have to stand over there, separated by a lake and a fence and lots of geese.


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