Orange Torii

The Fushimi Inari-taisha is another of those amazing Japanese sights. It’s a shrine on the side of a mountain in Kyoto with over 5,000 bright orange torii gates leading all the way to the top.

It can get very crowded, but the torii gates do go on for a long way – if you keep walking you’ll eventually find some quiet. When you do it’s easy to go a bit crazy with the camera only to realise you’ve taken hundreds of photos of oranges posts.

fushimi inari-taisha entrance

fushimi inari-taisha torii 2

fushimi inari-taisha torii

These are fully operational shrines so you will see priests wandering around. Check out those shoes.

fushimi inari-taisha priest

A lot of the gates are donated by someone, and their name is on the back.

fushimi inari-taisha torii writing

Tourist tip: be aware of local and express trains – the express train from Kyoto Station will go right past the shrine and you’ll need to loop back round at whatever station it next stops at.

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